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Thank you James for your kind words.  A special thanks to our Caregiver Ofelia. She's been the backbone for James. She is consistent and reliable. She is responsible for making sure that James is getting quality care

I've known Judith now for quite a long time. She is one of the most hard working individuals I know. She is passionate about her work and takes it very seriously though she is a very down to Earth type of person. She is always fun to be around and has a wonderful disposition and personality. She is also quite capable of handling any situation any client may present to her and she always handles it with a cool calm approach. Judith is also incredibly intelligent and knows how to figure out and make her way through challenges that would stump most people, and she can do it  without anyone's assistance or help. She is one of the most persistent and dedicated individuals I know and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hire her company. I would be very proud to have an individual like her on my team. In a world of unpredictability, she is incredibly consistent, efficient, responsible and most importantly, she is a pleasure to have around because she always makes the day just a little bit brighter and happier.

Dianne White

"Thanks so much for the excellent work today, and for the pictures above."

Peter M.

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This company is AMAZING! Judith is truly a gift to us. She is truly gifted as a caregiver. She's very accommodating and professional. Highly recommended.

______Titus B.

From SoMa, San Francisco, CA

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DJC Rock Home Care has taken care of my elderly Mother many times while I was out of the house on appointments.  I have found that my expectations were surpassed each and every time.  Going the extra mile seems to be normal for this company.  They don't merely listen to my instructions, but they do the little things that I wouldn't even have noticed on my own.  Combined with good pricing, DJC's service is a step up from that which I have received from other similar companies.

____Fact-based R.

       From Sun City West, AZ